Blanca, Blanca, Blanca


Yesterday we went on a van run around town and a nice walk, a quiet day, the highlight of which was purchasing a toaster oven!  Since I don’t like leaving Zuma in the hotel room to go out for dinner I decided I’d get a little toaster oven (no restaurant in hotel) and then I can cook here.  We have a microwave and fridge but I don’t like microwaving food.  Doug cautioned me that if I burned something the sprinkler system would likely be activated.  That would not be cool.
This morning our Housekeepers knocked on the door to see if I needed anything and they invited me to their staff Christmas party this Sunday!  Since Doug is arriving that morning, we won’t be able to go, but wow, how sweet is that?!  They are so nice here.  Then Zuma cruised to the door and the girls totally freaked and shrieked and RAN across the hall to another room, giggling.  These are clearly not dog lovers.  One girl said she had experienced a terrible situation with a dog when she was young and is still traumatized by it.  Zuma looked puzzled.  Why don’t they like me?  They don’t even know me?  I got a pic when they did it a second time.  These girls are a blast.   I hope Zuma will be able to ensure them that all dogs are not aggressive.  We’ll see.
Today we got organized and headed out towards Assateague for the day but, as we were in the turning lane, I remembered I needed to pick up an extension cord so I can put the toaster oven on the balcony and avoid flooding the room and causing a total hotel evacuation if I should burn dinner.  So, as we left the parking lot, I turned right instead of left.  Oh, what a good thing!
I arrived at my destination and suddenly there was a huge BANG under my feet!  I hastily drove 50 feet to the first parking spot ahead; I thought I must’ve hit something, even though there was nothing visible in my path as I pulled in.  I leaped out of Blanca and saw water pouring out of her, from behind and under the bumper. Radiator?  Realizing this was a AAA call, I jumped back in Blanca and immediately headed for the hotel.  No tow truck was going to take me and this dog.  Not to mention neither of us is physically capable of climbing into one of those big ass tow trucks.  I arrived safely back at the hotel and AAA quickly sent help.  Water was still pouring out of the van when I called but 40 minutes later when the tow truck arrived, she was dry and the parking space was soaked.  Chuck the tow truck driver hooked her up and away she went.

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