Blanca Has Returned!


Thursday, December 10th.

Following her transmission transplant surgery, Blanca is back with us.  Doug went to Dover, DE yesterday afternoon and drove her home to O.C. last night.  Now when I am ready to move on, I can.  But I like it here so much I’ll stay on for a while.  Doug did some research about Boardwalks along my loosely-planned route, I think these uber-dog-friendly walking paths and availability of  LaQuinta hotels will help me decide where to go next.  We are expecting a gorgeous weather week and weekend ahead, with temps expected to be 70 degrees on Sunday!  It’s not forecast to be as warm further south.  So I’m not budging for a while.

Doug left from O.C. Airport early this morning, to get back to work.  Tomorrow night he and Emma are going to TORUK, an AVATAR-based Cirque de Soleil performance in Massachusetts.  When I first found out about it, I thought we would all go, but I’ll be there in spirit.  They will love it.

Here are some more photos of the bench plaques:




I dunno.  I think if my name was Captain Billy Booze I’d have to change my name.
Just sayin’.

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