Drum Circle Beats in Heart of Asheville

May 14, 2016.

Drum Circle.

Every Friday evening the heart of Asheville throbs with the beating of drums in the downtown core.  Everyone is welcome to join in, bring your drum/drums and enjoy the positive energy of being part of an easy going jam session.

Doug, Zuma and I went to Pritchard Square last Friday night to experience Asheville’s Drum Circle.  All are welcome, there is no charge and the crowd grew and grew as the evening progressed.  I’d read about the Friday Night Drum Circle in the local publications and have wanted to attend for several weeks.  We thought it would be a fun time and it was, with lots of talent, laughter and infectious, non-stop drumming and happiness.  These two guys were the main core of the event last week and it was standing room only with people from varying walks of life enjoying the good karma and positive energy:

This section is respectfully reserved for drummers; there were all kinds of musicians of all ages and stages, eager to be a part of this good time.  People brought steel drums, cow bells, bongos.
I was concerned that it may be too much for Zuma but, within a block of approaching the energetic circle of drummers and dancers, Zuma grabbed the leash from my hand and bounced along the sidewalk to the event.  She seemed empowered by the drums, she had no fear.  She thoroughly enjoyed herself, wagging her tail to the beat.

The crowd is a diversified mixture of enthusiastic musicians and the public who really get into it.  There was a woman who is clearly a professional belly dancer, there were children and 75 year olds who just wanted to let loose.  Everybody danced together.

A Congo line was spontaneously formed this warm spring evening in the middle of the city and people of all ages jumped aboard.
Just because.

It is a calm, hippie-like crowd:

We met some really nice people, a woman from Australia, a couple from Boston, a family from Minnesota.  It was loud and energetic but peaceful at the same time.

Come one, come all, bring your drum and join, play along, no matter your talents or lack thereof.  Or dance, just feel free to let down your hair, go for it.

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