Getting Ready to move on ….

March 22 – 24, 2016

We have visited Forsythe Park for the last time this trip.
It is one of our favorite places here:  a superbly maintained, pet and people friendly green space with paved walking paths, a cafe with amenities, beautiful statues, the famous 1858 fountain.  It is a haven for dog-walkers, Moms with strollers, joggers and regular people eager to experience the beauty and peacefulness of a gentle walk within the city of Savannah’s limits.  We love this special place.  We will be back.  We have booked our site at Tybee for January and February 2017.

On Saturdays at Forsythe Park there is a Farmer’s Market, on the weekends there is a tent set up with volunteers offering free coffee and donuts to people in need.  In a city of such such visible wealth and underlying poverty there is much kindness and generosity.

This is one of Zuma’s favorite places on earth.  Within a block she begins to bounce in the back of the car, grabs her leash and tugs it until we launch onto the path.  Then she prances like a cartoon character from 101 Dalmations, smiling and wiggling and exhuberantly oozing glee.

The whole experience melts my heart.

On March 20th, Zuma and I were on a long goodbye walk around the island and discovered an Art Show at the lighthouse.  Yeh, so, we had to stop in.  The artists and vendors were fun and interesting and I found this fun necklace created by a lady named Myrna:

There was a sweet, energetic rescue puppy with a kissing spot on his head, just like Zuma’s.  We were told this is an unusual marking; some call it “God’s Thumbprint”:

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