Glassblowers, Great Gals and Gladness.

June 21, 2016

Over the past weekend we spent some time in Asheville, checking out places we’ve heard we cannot miss.  Our first stop was Lexington Glassworks, a glassblowing studio not far from downtown.

Ooooh, not a place for Zuma with her four foot tail swath we thought.  Oh noooo!  Oh yes, bring her in, the sweet young lady beckoned!  (Er, how much do we have in savings, Doug?).  We tiptoed inside and we were relieved the gorgeous glass pieces were all elevated above her tail wagging level (step away from the dawg, just don’t talk nicely to her and everything will be okay, LOL)! Asheville people sometimes bring tears to my eyes that so many businesses allow and WELCOME this big ole dawg inside.

Zuma was on her best behavior and enjoyed lots of pets and praise from visitors and staff and we escaped without writing a two thousand dollar check and sweeping up several buckets of shrapnel (potential Christmas gifts, pass the epoxy).

Zuma just plunked herself on the cool cement floor
as if she’d been there every day for years.
We were extremely fortunate to watch two master glassblowers at work forming two bowls from start to completion.  It was fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.
True artists at work, doing what they love.
It was hot outside but their studio is open to the air and they were totally chill about Zuma loafing there.  She acted like she was meant to be a 130 lb (dog) bull in a (glass) china shop.
The two glassblowers were one with the glass.
It was a beautiful thing to watch.
The two men worked as a team to form a glob into a masterpiece, and, while they created, they explained every step to the audience.
The sunlit building is filled with creations of every color shape and form, the windows are also filled with an eye-boggling display of unique glass art pieces.
It was a special way to begin a sunny Sunday.
Feeling a tad peckish, we strolled into the city center
for a bite of lunch.
We turned to the app. ( an app. that suggests dog-friendly hotels, restaurants and events) and found a great sushi place, along with a European coffee and pastry shop next door.
We met a lot of people, with and without dogs.  But there were two great gals who were especially fun and had a super positive aura about them, Kim and Ester; we visited with them and their adorable dog for a while on the sunny sidewalk.
I was having a bit of a personal struggle that day, grappling with the decision: should Zuma and I head “home” to Maine now or later?  I love it here, I love it there.  They helped me to decide.  Whether they realized it or not.
Sometimes, you meet good people and “you just KNOW”.  I think we’ll keep in touch via the blog.  So, if you Great Gals are reading, THANK YOU!
After a nibble of lunch, we stopped at New Belgium Brewery, a brand new brewery that is totally southern-friendly and fun for families, couples, singles, dogs, whomever.
It is an impressive operation.  Doug tells me these silos are filled with beer.  Whoa!  Seriously?  Yup.
Iiiii know, I never drank beer, but once a week a cold beer at a place like this is a lot of fun.
Like I said, it’s a fun place!
There’s a huge grassy area with chairs to lounge in and soak up the hot sun (and a cold beer).  Dogs are welcomed and treated like royalty.  They’re pretty darned nice to the people, too!
We met great people and their canine companions, large and not so large.  Our new friend Sarah (above) and her sweet, confident Great Dane puppy Garbanzo (with feet the size of a camel):
 He and Zuma had a good romp in the grass.
And our future new dentist and his wife and their magnificent Newfoundland:
Medium-sized dogs….
And even smaller canines (Indie, who joined in
with Garbanzo and Zuma, when he wan’t receiving out of space telepathic transmissions):
Every dog we met participated in the fun and frolic and Zuma was delighted to have a really nice doggie play day.
This brewery on the banks of The French Broad River has only been open for two months and already it is extremely popular. Employee-owned, laid back and fun, from the outdoor deck you can watch people tubing down the river (avec accompanying duck patrol). The water may appear murky but it rained the day before, stirring up the red clay ….
It was a very busy, dog-sociable day and Zuma is zonked!
We’re retiring with gladness for being a part of Asheville.
Goodnight, ya’ll!

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