On to South Carolina

March 24th, 2016

We decided to take it easy and stick to smaller roads to get to our destination today (halfway or so between Tybee, GA and Asheville, NC).  Doug drove Hula Girl and I drove the car.  Did I mention I hate driving?  Yuh.  Shaking in my boots.  BUT I DID IT!  The GPS said it would take 3 hours but it took 5 hours with minimal stops.  We could have driven to Montreal from Maine (something I’ve done in years gone by but will never do again).

However, it was all worth the drive as we cruised past many acres of cotton fields and the seemingly endless straight road and flat farmland of rural South Carolina.  It was like a movie, we stopped only for Zuma to relieve herself and to rest my eyeballs and for all of us to stretch.  Allergies to pollen really affected both Zuma and I while on Tybee and in Savannah.  My Dr. gave me allergy eye drops and they really work.

Never in my life have we experienced as many signs for Pawn Shops and Flea Markets.  Someone said to Doug:  “There must be a lot of fleas here, haha”.  Seriously, in my other life, this would be so much fun to cruise around these places.

By the time we hit the four-hour mark, we were both all more than ready to take a break so we booked into The Barnyard RV Park in Columbus, NC.  The terrain had been changing all day:  the soil, the trees, the flora.  Dogwoods and Wisteria graced our path, humbly blooming everywhere along the sandy roadsides and in the dusty small towns. Amongst the frequent dilapidated and deserted houses and gas stations, the Spring leaves are urgently starting to bud in the flushing sunshine, turning lime green and chartreuse; the purple, white, buttery lemon and yellows are distracting but kept my eyes focused on the road.  Leaving Tybee, I knew I’d miss the palms and palmettos, the cacti and huge yucca plants, it’s always Summer there in a way.  Seeing the deciduous trees and plants makes me feel like it really is SPRING!

We pulled into The Barnyard RV Park at about 4 p.m.; we scored a great pull-in drive-thru site and set up.  Doug is in charge of all the technical stuff because, as you know, Emma tells me I am “technologically impaired”.  I set up our lawn chairs but forewarned Doug to check they were safe to sit in before he sat down.  It is spotlessly clean Park, we met many friendly people and dogs and gleaned information about the road ahead.  Asheville is clearly a GREAT PLACE.

After a one-night layover, we pulled out early and headed to Asheville, NC.

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