World Class LEGO Art Exhibit at NC Arboretum

September 19, 2016
This giant Praying Mantis is made of LEGO.  Seriously.
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The NC Arboretum is hosting a fascinating exhibit on the grounds and in the gardens.  Artist Sean Kenney of New York City has created 14 amazing “sculptures” out of LEGO!  Seriously.  LEGO.
Some of the pieces are constructed with tens of thousands of tiny blocks.  Sean was the first of 15 certified LEGO professionals worldwide.  He hopes his works will inspire children to be creative.
42,198 patiently placed pieces:
I wonder who had the job of counting blocks?
What do they do on a day off?
We toured the gardens and admired the LEGO pieces, then decided to buy an annual pass to enjoy the 10 miles of groomed and shaded trails.  After a brisk 3 mile walk, we flopped on the patio at the restaurant for a long cold drink and salad lunch.  There’s even a dog-friendly self-serve station on the patio with personal bowls, cool water and COOKIES!
This huge Monarch is my fave.
To show how huge this piece is, Zuma is 5′ away.
This Lego Lady is mind-blowing.
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It’s simply an amazing exhibit.
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