A Day In The Life ….

June 17. 2017.

The past six weeks are a blur.  Coming back to Maine after almost a year and a half away …. mind-blowing.  When I first walked in the house, it was suddenly a house from the past, someone else’s home.

So deeply personal.  So far away,  It was as if I’d inherited it but didn’t know what to do with it.

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Weird feeling.

Zuma bounded out of the car and started barking as if announcing her return.  For a dog who only barks a couple of times a year, this was rather odd behavior.  She sure knew where she was and sniffed her way around the house then flopped in her crate (the door is always open), sighed and passed out into a deep sleep,
Here are some snaps of our first few weeks back in Maine:
Stop and smell the chives.

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Magyck stalking dinosaurs in the field,

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Mornng walks on the trails:

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There is Zen ….

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and there is Harmony …. as long as Zuma doesn’t move ….

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The last tulips from the garden.

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Magyck received a fresh haircut for the Summer .
He’s so proud. It looks like he has a t-shirt on.
Thanks, Daryl and Rachel, Mag had a great time and feels really “cool” now.  More cool than usual,
He’s too sexy for his shirt.

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A bird in the hand ….

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(I call them fireworks).

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Magyck and his crystal bowl:

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Zen and Presto romping.

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We live in Hope.

#hopemaine,  #travelswithagreatdanedog, #ontheroadwithzuma, #hopefarmmaine, #backofthemoon

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