Can’t Talk Right Now.

March 24, 2017.

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Last Thursday as all the frozen pipes and stuff were kicking into high challenge-me gear, I caught a cold (surprise) and it developed into laryngitis.  So I haven’t had a voice for six days.  Yeh, this rocks, people.  Somehow I managed to rasp out requests on the ‘phone:  I booked two medical appts and a hairdresser appt.  I even booked the car in for an oil change.  Plus dealing with the RV issues.  Think Demi Moore with a bad cold.

I am finding that if you have laryngitis you get faster service (nobody wants to hear that squeaking voice) so I’m sharing this with you because if you need an appointment and you screech out a request, you get in waaaay faster. People are generally kind-hearted and want to help. Especially if you’re squawking like a choking duck caught in a trap. Or else they’re grasping their throat and thinking, OMG, there but for the grace of God go I.

My RV Mobile guys were away for the weekend, out of range for telephone support. Last Monday, when they returned into a service area, they called me and figured out the valves and, after a few minutes in a totally original turn-on-my-head yoga position, we now we have a fabulously hot furnace and an uber scorching unending supply of hot water.  So I no longer have to shower in the bath house with farrreeezing cold tiles and sticky taps.

Last Sunday, Oscar and I were invited for a bbq at The Newmann’s, a wonderful Texas family we have all became friends with during the past year.  They too are far away from their home, but they make us feel like we’re totally at home.  We shared a special afternoon and evening together, and we’ll keep in touch.

I love the songbirds who flock around us here.  On our walk back to our motor home one night at sunset, a flock of Bluebirds flew directly overhead between us and Hula Girl, stopping on my fave nearby shrub to chirp and announce their arrival.  This is a good Omen: The Bluebirds of Happiness are watching over us and chirping to make it known they are here.

Thanks to Oscar and a dozen towels and a coupla beers and the blessings of the flock of jubiliant bluebirds, my floor has never been more spotless and I am working on looking forward to the upcoming changes:  bidding our farewells to NC and these wonderful people who have become friends and family, traveling on our trip back to Maine ….

As the season changes and we are all welcoming Spring, these are very positive signs.  Happy Spring, everyone!

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