In Louisiana, Music is Religion.

December, 2016.

Even in the early-mid mornings, there is music.
It’s fun to follow the heart-throbbing beats of drums, the brass spurts, the mooning hmmm of the smoky jazz/soul/blues that float casually throughout the downtown side streets of the city.  Then we stumble upon a pop-up band …. 4 – 10 people just doin’ their thing, jammin’, taking up the whole street.
Nobody gets wound up about it ….
it’s New Orleans, man.  Chill out.
This ensemble was mind-blowingly fantastic.
As they say in the tv commercials here,
‘In Louisiana, Music is Religion’.
We see some fabulous musicians and performers, they really are world-class.  This is The Real Deal.  One morning after our a.m. plod around town, we plopped down here for a coffee. Beautiful bronze statues celebrating musicians welcome visitors into the courtyard.

I don’t know what was up with my camera that day.  Everything has a mossy haze on it, sorry.  I’ll send you a pair of anti-sludge glasses, faithful readers.  Here we are in the magnetic centre of the city, Jackson Square.  It’s very laid back.

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

Bands waiting to start performing.  People stretching to do some Houdini thing, it’s a blast.  In Jackson Square, there are rows of tables of Tarot Card Readers and (self-proclaimed) psychics and palm-readers.  In this city, there is Voodoo.  I find it all fascinating.

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We were casually plodding through there when suddenly a woman approached me advised me, in all seriousness, “You HAVE to get your cards read before you leave the city”, then, poof, she was gone. So I’m gonna.

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Put on anti-sludge glasses, ya’ll.
Zuma was all like, apologetic, the lead singer stopped playing
and invited her over ….
Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
Yes, there is crime in the city.  And prostitution.  And gunfire.  And other crazy s***.  I’m not gonna make it all fluffy here!  Believe me, it’s a TRIP for my brain, me, The Hermit On The Hill, to be in the deep south here in New Orleans.
The other day, we were seated in a fantastic restaurant and whoa! I witnessed a robber running with a stolen wallet!  I gave Doug a play-by-play because he didn’t have a good view  But I did.  The NOPD was right on the case.  For me, it all happened so quickly, the running robber, the tourist in his touristy outfit racing after him, several others assisting at high speed, then the police, then, it was all over.  Handcuffed robber dude taken away. It was kinda like being a voyeur in a crime tv show.  Adrenalin rush.  Perp grabs tourist’s wallet, I watch as Perp flees up street, several other people (passers-by) pursue, thief is snagged by Police.  Gotcha!
I’m so glad Zuma wasn’t with us, she picks up on every emotion. Quite possibly, she may have even barked.
All this aside, the music is the heart and soul of the city.  You can get your city on and accept everything else.  All’s well that ends well.
And the band plays on ….

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