Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch (Maine).

March 30, 2017.

It’s Spring here!  The season is three weeks ahead of the norm and Western NC is always three weeks ahead of Maine so I’m lovin’ it. The flowering trees and shrubs have been blooming like crazy.

Everywhere we go, showers of petals rain down on us, the daffodils have completed their vibrant showing and the lawns are being mowed for the third time here.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, poor Doug is shoveling the snow for the millionth time.  5″ more fluffy stuff is expected there overnight.

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We’re truly thankful for all the people who stay at the farm and keep things going when we’re away.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

It’s beautiful here but there’s a down side.  The frost a couple of weeks ago killed off a lot of the flowers and probably a gazillion bees. The orchardists and berry growers’ livelihoods are severely threatened.   It’s been consistently cold in Maine so I’m hopeful the bees will be okay there but I gotta offer a little help.  (This is the same cray cray farm lady who runs 75′ of extension cord to hook up a big fan and en suite bird baths for the Bluebird houses when it’s really hot).  Iiii know.  Cray cray.  Doug just rolls his eyes and hopes I don’t burn down the barn blowing up the wiring while I’m trying to save the Bluebirds.

I found these very cool unique ‘bee hotels’ at the Arboretum here and I’m going to buy a few and set them up at the farm.

Mason Bee House
They’re available on eBay (tap in a quick search for Mason Bee Hotel, $11.95 – $19.95).  Mason bees pollinate but, from what I’ve read, they don’t produce honey (?). However, If we all do our bit, hopefully we can keep the bee population healthy and pollinating.

Other tips (not trying to get all ‘preachy’):  Please don’t use chemicals on your property and plant flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies and bees.  Enjoy!

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