More Pix of Brother Wolf’s RUN FOR THE PAWS ….

April 30, 2017.

Hello Again!
Here are a few more pix from RUN FOR THE PAWS ….
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Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

  Brother Wolf provided drinking and wading pools
so everyone kept cool….
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…. and when the people got thirsty, OH! Look where we are!
New Belgium Brewery!

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We’re on the road with Zuma this week so it’s a bit of a challenge to write.  We hope you’ll check back with our blog in a couple of days for more feel-good Asheville vibes!  If you haven’t heard of Billy Scribbles, he’s a writer, musician, busker, lover of folk songs, humorist, traveler, fascinating guy who wrote a great book about his experiences working the night shift at a gas station in Asheville.  I hope you stay tuned, you’re in for a real treat!
#BrotherWolf  #RUNFORTHEPAWS #coolAshevilledogsandpeople
#ontheroadwithzuma # #travelingwithagreatdanedog

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