Put The Toilet Paper In The Fridge, People.

March 31, 2017.

Here are some things I’ve learned on this trip.  You will be glad you’ve learned from my experiences.  You’re welcome.

1)  If you eat a green chili burger in Santa Fe, I suggest you put the toilet paper in the fridge overnight.  You will thank me for this tip.  When they look quizzically at you as you order and they tell you “it’s hot”, and you just blow them off with a “phwah” and a flighty hand gesture, you will be seriously sorry.  Listen to them.  They are not messing around, people.  THIS. is the evidence.  The green chili is hiding under the cheese.  And it’s potentially lethal.  I only ate half of it and spent the next 24 hours in the loo counting the tiles on the wall.

Displaying IMG_2800.JPG
2)  When Doug says it’s COLD, it’s COLD.
Our boat.  It should thaw out by August.
Then we can all go sailing.
3)  Cherish the religious sites, even if you’re not religious.
Share the joy.
You don’t have to be into it to get into it.
4)  Pay respects to sacred places.
Respect it as its original people do.
5)  Never, EVER underestimate The Power Of A Woman.
Or a few thousand of them.

And cool, supportive men.
6)  When in Rome …. eat, drink and be merry.
  Displaying IMG_2838.JPG
7)  Enjoy the special times with your true friends.
Displaying IMG_2892.JPG
8)  Eat dessert.  Life is short.  Enjoy it!
Displaying IMG_2840.JPG

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