Dog Park and RVs

January 14th, 2016

We’ve been settling in and getting to know the Island and it has a great “feel”.  The Dog Park is a super place for Zuma to go off leash and discover new friends and we’ve been meeting some fun folks too. One couple from Vermont are new to the RV world and are staying at the campground here; the guy said he doesn’t want to go back to Bennington, he doesn’t want to stop exploring; they left on a two week tour and have almost doubled that time away.  They have to head back to VT but he wants to keep going.  They just love it.  It was interesting to hear him tell about their travels with their RV (it’s huge); there are some limitations with parking in small towns but otherwise they are seeing a lot and they don’t have the hassle of trying to find lodging for themselves and their dog.

Zuma is having another bout of itchy skin.   No signs of fleas.  Just itchy scratchy.  Poor dog.  The vet on Tybee gave her an injection and I had her heartworm tested; the meds they prescribed take care of fleas too.  I have not had her on this stuff before but I feel it is essential down south.

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