Tybee Isand

January 13th, 2016

It’s snowing in Maine.  I have to tell you, I do not miss skating around up and down icy hills with horses in hand.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Emma has things all under control.

Here the people are complaining it’s cold (low 60s) for this time of year.  It’s perfect for us!  Today we packed up our bags and Doug bought me a new laptop  for me so I can get back to “work”, then we are headed to Tybee Island.

pic of Wiley’s

Along the way, I spied Wiley’ Championship BBQ Yep, THIS is THE PLACE, it is famous for it’s award-winning bbq. We stopped and had lunch. Wiley himself was seated at the bar and was very interested in “that big dog of yours and how do you like that van?” Wiley is an elderly gentleman now and most charming.  Having read about him and his accomplishments for years, it was a real honor to meet him in person.

pix of awards

He couldn’t have been more welcoming.  And the food, OMG, it is amazing.  Voted 4th best bbq in America, he has certainly earned the title.  We had a sampler platter of chicken, pulled pork, beef brisket, cole slaw and collard greens.  It seems the further south we go, the larger the portions! Doug and I split this and took enough home for our dinner! You’d have to be a starved truck driver to eat all the food they give you. Every bite was delicious and memorable.  We will go back for more.  When we are hungry again!

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