Foghorn and Forsythe Park

February 2, 2016

We went into Savannah yesterday and today to sort out the computer problem and I now have this lovely new computer!  Please bear with me, I am new to blogging and it’s even more of a challenge without a machine to blog on.  I think it’s all sorted out now, thanks to Doug and Office Max who just said, “Here’s a new machine, we can’t fix the other one”.

The nearby foghorn woke me up this morning and made me smile, it’s dull musical throbbing reminded me of the sounds of Eastbourne, where I grew up.

Great memories of a childhood by the sea.

Zuma and Doug and I walked around Forsythe Park both yesterday and today; Zuma LOVES it there and we met lots of dogs and people.  Savannah is a very dog-friendly city and at every turn there are dogs, joggers, walkers, all soaking up the warm weather.  It was 78 degrees F yesterday and today a little less than that with a mild breeze.  Perfect walking weather.  We are up to 5 miles a day now, according to the pedometer Doug purchased for me.  This helps me stay on track.  It’s a gorgeous trek around the famous park with the Spanish Moss dripping from the trees, camellias, roses and azaleas in bloom. Freshly planted pansies smiling at the sunshine.

When we arrived back “home”, Kelly and I went to the Tybee Police Station to have her golf cart registered and then we went shopping at the local tourist haunts and picked up a few goodies!

In the evenings Kelly, Doug and the dogs and I are enjoying a campfire at “our place”.  Zuma and Phoebe are now the dearest of friends and like short walks together and flopping lazily on the rug by our door within sight of each other in the evenings.  Little Peanut the Yorkie in a nearby RV loves Zuma and is very confident; he has no fear of her and she adores him.

Everybody here gets along, helps each other, greets each other.
Even the dogs have it all figured out.

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