Kelly and Tom and Phoebe

January 31st, 2016

Yesterday morning we woke up refreshed from our first night in Hula Girl.  It is unbelievably comfortable and cozy!  There’s plenty of room for all three of us. We’re working on organizing a very small space after living in a very large house.  Both Doug and I are able to work here …. and also able to work through the glitches that come with small spaces.

After digesting her breakfast, Zuma was prancing at the end of her leash, eager for a long walk so off we went to explore the area.When we came back, another RV had pulled into our rather secluded area of the Park.  Enter Kelly, Tom and Phoebe.


We all immediately became friends.  After they got their RV in place, Kelly and Tom invited us out for lunch at Coco’s Sunset Grille, a nearby restaurant on the Lazaretto River.  We had a blast! Kelly and Tom have been friends for decades and Kelly works for Tom.  They are a fun and friendly and love living life.

That day, the Islanders held their annual festive Mardi Gras celebration, complete with a parade and numerous activities around the town. We missed watching the parade but were content on the sunny, unpopulated deck at Coco’s nursing a frothy, chilled summer cocktail and a delicious seafood lunch with Phoebe lounging at our feet.  She is a very sweet senior citizen lady dog, a Siberian Husky of great distinction who loves nothing more than hanging out with friends.

After a scrumptious lunch of shrimp served in a variety of ways, we headed back home to the RV Park as we all had much to do to set up our “homes on wheels”.  As we were leaving Coco’s, I jokingly convinced Tom to ask at the bar if he could score some beads for himself as he was so into Mardi Gras and the waiter said sure!

After lunch, Tom decided to hop in a taxi and join the festivities down by the pier.  There was a band and everyone was enjoying the revelry, dancing and singing.  People had booths selling gumbo and Mardi Gras accessories.  Tybee really put on a good time for everyone.  When he arrived home in the evening, Tom was excited to share with us that he’d even joined a Congo Line!  Good thing he was wearing his necklaces!

Meanwhile, Phoebe and Zuma are working on a friendship. Phoebe is 13 years old and has experienced some traumatic events with dogs dominating her so she is understandably nervous around other canines. Zuma is puzzled by Phoebe’s defensive barks but slowly they are working things out.  Phoebe will relax once she realizes Zuma is no threat.

pic of Phoebe and Zuma

When Tom returned here from his frivolities at the Mardi Gras celebrations, he came home in one of the island taxis.  The “Breezy Taxi” is hot pink and the headlights sport a huge pair of plastic eyelashes.  Tom claims that Ron, the 40-something driver is “one of the last hippies”.  Ron laughed at that comment as he dropped Tom off.  Ron has long blonde hair and jeans with the knees ripped / worn out of them and well, here he is:

pic of Ron

He is just the coolest guy; he knows everybody’s name and says if you want a trip anywhere on the island, all the cabs charge the same amount, $3.00 per person.  Tom also offers services such as walking your dog/taking care of it, picking up groceries, pizza, etc. and delivering it to your door.  I am getting into island living.

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