Frozen Charlotte and Frozen Charlie.

February 7, 2016

Okay.  So now I’ve met and befriended the bloke in the tent.
Iiii know.  Watch for the Forensic Files show about me being murdered.  Zuma likes him.  He’s “on the road”, a traveler.  He says he’s moving on to KY or TN as he is down to his last ten bucks and can’t afford to stay here ($30.00 a night for a tent site).

I put together a bag of food for him – a “tuck box” we call it in England: buns, cheese, tea, fruit and a big bar of chocolate.  He’s hit upon hard times and really is a good soul.  If Kelly and I disappear, I totally misjudged his character.  He was appreciative of the food and gave me a hug.  I feel good that I helped him. He is leaving today.

When I look at Zuma lounging in front of the heater these rainy nights and the feral cats hunkering under buildings, I think how fortunate they are and I feel badly that a human being has to suffer.

There are many transients in Savannah; at Forsythe Park we’ve seen a huge food kitchen set up on Saturday mornings and on Sunday mornings, coffee and donuts.  Doug and I were even invited in for snacks.  “Do we look homeless?” Doug asked me.  When I went to the car and checked out my hair-do, after battling the wind on our walk, I had to wonder.

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