The Big Road Race

February 6, 2016

A rather large Road Race is being held on Tybee this weekend. As the runners zoomed by, I quickly slipped my paws out of the bag of Cheese Puffs, feeling like a slug.  Then I took Zuma for a 7.5 mile walk to ease my guilt.  There are cones on the road, Police everywhere directing traffic.  Professional Event Services, Marquis tents are down by the Fort at the beach, dispensing water, numbers, etc.  I’d love to be a part of this and will make it a personal goal to run a 5k soon.  Even if I do it on my own without all the “hoopla”. These people are all garbed out with the right shoes, the right shorts, the right shirts, etc.  I feel old!  But that’s not to say I can’t do it.  Someday.
I was amazed at how many people participated, I think it was for charity.  The RV Resort was closed for a few hours so they could zip by here and then sprint all over town.  It was great.  I could get into that.  Once I finish this bag of Cheese Puffs.
We drove into Savannah today and walked Zuma all around Forsythe Park and River Street.  She loves it.

A crisp, sunny day, perfect for walking and not too many tourists although, as usual, Zuma attracted lots of attention and enjoyed being hugged by small children and admired by adults.  One couple we met had recently lost their Dane to Wobbler’s Syndrome.  Because we are fretful “parents” we quizzed them about symptoms, not really knowing our dog’s heritage.  They were more than helpful.

They purchased their beloved pet 2 1/2 years ago IN MAINE!  This made me feel a tad frantic regarding our lack of knowledge about Zuma’s health history as Wobblers is hereditary and there aren’t that many Dane breeders in Maine.  Of the two breeders I suspect Zuma came from, they bought their dog from one of them.  I am trying not to panic. I vowed to make some calls and uncover Zuma’s roots.

When I was at the Office, I saw a young guy (late 30s?) checking into the campground today with his guitar and backpack.  When the rain started up in the evening I felt terrible for him, he is the lone tent-dweller here.  It rained so hard in the night it felt like sleeping in a car wash.

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