December 19, 2015

Isn’t it amazing that when you don’t have the use of your vehicle you suddenly have 4 million places you want to go to?  For the two days Blanca was lounging around at the garage it was misty and windy.  I guess it rained in the nights, I slept through it.  The warm daytime mist felt refreshing me.  Not the case for Zuma.  She claims it messes up her hairdo.  She would barely go outside yesterday and today and I realized I’d left her rain gear wardrobe in Blanca so all long walks were canceled until further notice.
Today (19th) we took a taxi to the garage and posted bail.  The garage folks were fantastic (Race Track Garage) near Berlin, America’s Coolest Small Town.  George, the owner asked if he could invite his sister-in-law over to meet Zuma as she and her husband had owned a Dane x but, as dogs do, it broke their hearts when it passed away.  She yearns for a purebred now. She looked at her husband and said, “Ohhhh, I want one!” as Zuma was wiggling all around her enjoying the Dane Love.  So, I dutifully advised her husband in a matter of fact tone:  “If you really love your wife, you’ll get her one”.  Laughter.   They would be excellent Dane owners, I’m sure of it.

picGeorgeand Zuma

So, we are back  in business with The Magic Bus.  What a relief.   Since we were unable to drive and Zuma didn’t want to get wet, I’ve been watching far too many Dateline and Forensic Files episodes in the hotel room.  If you need to murder somebody, I’ve studied all the angles.  Feel free to call me.
Last night Zuma and I trotted out for a nice walk as the sun was setting.  We were leaving the hotel and heading towards the front door when a 60-ish woman with two Yorkies burst out of the elevator. I was almost at the door and Zuma was not at all interested in the dogs. Just two more yappy, high-strung brats to her.  “Hi, no worries, she’s friendly”  I announced over the ferocious rabid snapping of her two pint-sized dogs.  Suddenly, the woman  turned on me like a fighting wolverine and, fangs bared, she snarled loudly:  “COULD YOU JUST GET OUT OF THE WAY SO WE CAN GET BY?”  So we did (after I reset my dropped lower jaw).  I was too dumbfounded to speak.

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