Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

From our family to yours, we wish you all a peaceful and joyful Christmas and holiday season.

What an incredibly different Christmas Day for us as Mainers used to snow and frigid temperatures at this time of year!  The weather is in the 70s here (apologies, apologies, not trying to rub it in) so we walked beside the sea to Christmas dinner.

Families were building sand castles and playing frisbee, flying kites and wading in the waves.

When we first arrived in O.C., we made reservations at a “traditional Christmas buffet” offered by a nearby Marriot on the Boardwalk.  Doug trekked a total of 9 hours with Zuma that day, I walked 5 with them, so we felt no guilt as we loaded our plates with prime rib, turkey, vegetables and all the trimmings plus wonderful, fresh, fried oysters!  Protein overload, Iiiii know.
Back to the regular, healthier meal plan tomorrow (uh …. doesn’t everyone say the same thing?)!

We are seriously watching the weather channel so I can plan the next leg of our journey.  With rain and flooding, lightning, snow and tornadoes happening in the south, I have to be uber cautious. We are feeling so badly for the people further south who are struggling with the weather, news ofthe tornadoes and the flooding are broadcast constantly.  Those poor people.  They are homeless and have lost so much.

On our morning walk, we met Amanda who works for Animal Control.  She stopped specifically to meet Zuma and they had a nice meet and greet.  Zu is such a celebrity around here, it’s like, sign the autograph, move along.

Amanda told us there is a feral cat living under the boardwalk at the south end where you can look across the inlet to Assateague.  Amanda checks on her regularly but Sunset wouldn’t come out of her hiding place on Christmas Day.  Amanda informed us there are homeless people who feed and take care of her and, since the cat is spayed, Amanda doesn’t make a fuss about it.  I knew then and there I had to meet the elusive Sunset.

From all of us, Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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