People Make A Place

This morning we walked 2 1/2 miles to the end of the Boardwalk and I snooped around and found the cat Amanda had told us about. She is clearly wild, a beautiful black and orange tortoiseshell with yellow eyes, she was drinking rain water from a bright green frisbee. Photographing her was impossible but she was very interested in the “cat-calling” my friend Rose taught me.  Then, poof! she vanished, skittering at top speed into a rubbish-filled space beneath the boards. Creeping closer and still “cat talking” softly, I waited to see if she would return.  Then a small orange face appeared, then a tricolor face, then another ginger face who was missing his right ear.  Slowly I took a few photos and backed away.  They have two clean stainless steel bowls under the Boardwalk in their seaside cat condo.

The kittens look about 4 months old.  Oops, I guess Amanda doesn’t know about Sunset’s secret family!

Mission Accomplished.  They look healthy, they’re just homeless. Well, they’re not really homeless, they have a room with a fantastic view and there are lots of good, caring people looking out for them.

Speaking of good people looking out for transients, Doug and I went to Bob and Carole’s home in Lewes, Delaware for a delicious Italian dinner of salad and pasta.  Carole is Italian and she is one fantastic cook!  As an added bonus, Jim and Betsy were there too so we all enjoyed a fabulous evening together, getting to know each other. Jim is a poet (a too humble and very talented poet); he recited one of his works, “Rainbow” for me, about travels.  I am deeply touched.  We learned we all have much in common and we are hoping they will all accept our invitation to visit us in Maine in 2016.

Bob and Jim and Carole and Betsy.

Jim and Bob.

How could you not love these people?

Zuma and Doug were totally exhausted from all the Christmas celebrations.
Even though we missed being with Emma and friends back in Maine, we had a really nice Christmas and hope ya’ll did too.

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