Monday, Monday.

George and his staff at Race Track checked out the van this morning; they  what got the “code” and recognize the problem (minor, oxygen sensor, need parts) and so Blanca is booked in for another round of automotive surgery Wednesday after lunch.

Doug and I walked 5 miles with Zuma and admired the decorated benches along “The Boards” as they are affectionately known by locals.  So difficult to believe it is almost Christmas when removing clumps of sand from between your toes when you step inside, instead of half-melted ice cubes from crunchy frozen socks.

We find it so heartwarming that these loved ones are remembered as the waves roll in and back out to sea, singing to the shore, life keeps moving along, ebb and flow.

We enjoyed a lovely Italian dinner at the restaurant across the road but sadly, “The Kissing Chef” was not there (seriously, this is what he is known as, I checked out the restaurant’s web site)!  We had a really nice time anyway.

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