The Benches On The Boardwalk.


Along the ocean side of the Boardwalk are hundreds of benches.  Doug estimated there are 825 so now I have to count them.  Each one displays a sentimental plaque, donated by family and friends to a special person in their lives.  I like to read these each day as I go by; some make me teary-eyed, others cause me to break out in giggles.  They are beautiful, sincere tributes to loved ones, times gone by, memories made.  Here are a few of my favorites:









Are you reaching for the tissue box yet?  I LOVE this!  On our morning jaunt, Doug and I met a man whose business is taking care of the maintenance of the benches.  I fired questions at him because I amnosey curious.  We learned that the benches are initially sold to individuals by the city (for $1,700.00 a piece) and the individuals then own the benches.  However, at the time the city started this program less than ten years ago, there was no financial plan for maintenance down the road.  For now, the city pays for the upkeep of the benches.  The guy informed us the money is going to run out.  No doubt there will be a lot of meetings about this.  For us and for the millions of people who traverse the Ocean City Boardwalk, they are standing reminders of happy times, special people and life-long lasting memories in this fun-loving, friendly seaside city.

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