New Shoes and Italian Kisses.

We’re still waiting for the van.  Doug called the VW garage this morning; they told us Blanca would be ready to roll Tuesday or Wednesday but they still cannot commit to when it will be ready, which is frustrating because Doug hadn’t planned on being away more than a week.  But, we’re still having a great time and Doug is able to do some work from here and the guys at the office are holding down the fort.  I am able to write and Zuma is having a blast.

We love our daily long treks up and down the Boardwalk so this morning we went shopping and both bought “athletic” shoes!  Fits of laughter, Iiiii know!  We are both loving the new “lightness of being”!

We’ve been joking that we’re starting to feel like “locals” because retailers and other walkers recognize us and stop to chat with us.  Zuma is welcomed into every shop which makes it easier to browse.  We’re really enjoying the weather and the hotel, so we’ve decided Zuma and I will stay here for another week or so.

It’s just so perfect having the Boardwalk here and even when we get Blanca back, the local campgrounds are just slightly less in price than La Quinta.

The warm weather and exercise is doing wonders for my knee.    Doug can fly from Ocean City to Portland, Maine with only one stop, so it makes sense.  After Doug returns, we plan to head further south.  This evening we went across the road and had a delicious REAL Italian dinner.  The owner is most charming and came to our table and introduced himself:  “I’va been doing thees for 55 years, someatimes the people are happy, someatimes they are not.  I hope you likea it herea”.  Fabulous accent.  We liked it there.  A lot.  The owner shook Doug’s hand and gave me a hug and two cheek kisses when we left.  This guy could charm the pants off a snake.

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