Tybee Island

January 13th, 2016

The approach to Tybee Island is nothing less than impressive and feels like a true escape from the harshness of reality.  Wrapped in a salt marsh, the island joins the mainland with bridges; the road is landscaped with natural vegetation and rows of palm trees.  Great White Herons wade in the marsh beside the road and flock overhead, along with great Blue Herons and other birds.  Doug (Bless His Heart) installed an App on my ‘phone so I can identify the many different types of birds. I will need to have him massage my neck from oogling all the migratory birds.  Anything for an excuse.  Pretend to take up bird watching girls, always good for a neck massage, hee hee.

We checked into The Crabby Pirate yesterday and we absolutely love it here.  It is charming, simple and peaceful.  Everything we need to relax and put the real world behind us, if only for a week or two.

If I could have a dream cottage, this would be it.  Quaint, clean and located on a quiet residential street with friendly neighbors, this is all I need.  The rooms are nicely decorated with beachy themes and cute signs that make me smile and, best of all, there is a white picket fence all along the front of the property.  Sunsets are gorgeous here and there is a lovely patio area in the front yard (perfect for cocktail hour) and a bbq out back so we are able to purchase fresh local shrimp and grill our dinners.  Fresh shrimp is available daily at dockside places.  And it is INCREDIBLE, so fresh, right off the boat.

Live Oaks here host Spanish Moss, dripping hauntingly from the branches.  Orange and grapefruit trees display their produce and azaleas and other plants are blooming.  I love the sounds of the breeze rustling in the palms, the creaking screen door, the flap flap of the heron’s wings, the sou-filled tunes of the songbirds.

pic of live oaks

This lighthouse on Tybee is charming and supposedly haunted:

pic of lighthouse

On our way home from the Dog Park and Lighthouse today we met three 30-something Canadian guys who live in Ottawa and New Brunswick.  It’s their first trip here and they love it.  Like us, they are escaping the cold weather up north.  They were just plodding along on a walk, they said “We’re on Island Time”!  Yeh, we get that.  Life is slower here, it’s great.

Sadly, the morning after we moved in, Doug received the horrible news that his friend Jeff had passed away (cancer).  A few weeks prior to Christmas, Doug lost another friend, Daryl (heart attack). Both men lived long and productive lives, they traveled and did what they loved.  It makes you think about your own life, you have to slow down and accomplish now what you are able to do, while you can still do it.

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity to travel with Doug and Zuma, I only wish Emma could join us, hopefully she will be able to catch up with us when her work schedule slows down.  She is busy now (with her mobile pet grooming service and another project she has on the go). She would love it here and we would love to be with her here, but we also need her to manage the farm during our absence.  Thank You, Em, for taking care of the horses and cats and the farm.  we couldn’t do this without you.

Middle of The Night TV:

After I watched ads for blenders and other outrageous cooking gadgets (call now, the offer ends in 15 minutes, get your credit card ready) I scrolled down to:

Peter Popoff

Well, if you are sleepless in the south, you can always watch Peter Popoff on tv in the middle of the night.  OMG.  What I have missed by not having cable tv.  This dude has a tv show and apparently heals people by yelling in their faces.  Who knewwww?  He sells a spray that does “divine surgery” and apparently people are buying it.  Go ahead, Peter Popoff, sue me.  I’m promoting you and your ability to send ailments “back to the pits of hell where they belong”. So now you know.  Just send $$$ to Peter and you’ll be cured of everything.

You’re Welcome.

We must be entering The Bible Belt (?).  We’d better stock up on cocktail material before we get too far into the south.  OR we can just get healed by Peter Popoff and buy some of his “Miracle Spring Water”.  Jesus.

Moving right along, after watchng (for a few seconds) how to sue people for any ailment you can imagine, I scrolled around and found a tv show about eating raw snakes in the desert (chew their head off first, lots of rehydrating properties in there, the guy says). Who needs Gatorade?   It’s incredible that these shows exist.  This guy is totally serious. Who watches these shows?  Oh yeh, that would be me.

Nah, I have to switch channels.  Gawd, I have really been missing out of all this stuff.  My life has been sheltered, thank Gawd. AMEN Peter Popoff.

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