January 15th, 2016

It’s raining buckets.  We decided to drive into Savannah for breakfast.  Clary’s is a favorite breakfast restaurant of ours; the place is humble and bustling, clean and friendly.  The waitresses seem to have been there since the 60s and they know their stuff. Prompt service with a smile.  The food is unbelievably divine and one plate is enough for two.  I had two crab cakes on Canadian bacon atop an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce and home fries and I took one crab cake combination home. They were unbelievably huge and fresh.  With a breakfast like this there’s no need for lunch, we didn’t eat until dinner time late in the evening. Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil was filmed in Savannah and there is a major scene filmed at Clary’s Diner.  It’s a really fun place and always paced solid.

Afterwards, we decided to look at RVs at nearby RV place.  Long story short, we found a beautiful lightly used 25′ unit.  We pick it up next week!  Now we’ll have more room and no more hunting for pet-friendly hotels.  Zuma really likes the new space and settled in immediately.  Doug is very sad to say goodbye to Blanca. We have her running perfectly so it’s sad to let her go, but it seems this is the solution for us to carry on with our trip.

pic of RV

When we arrived back at The Crabby Pirate, we took Zuma to the Dog Park where she reunited with her doggie buddies and we chatted with their owners. The sun cae out after we bought the RV and we were eager to get home and exercise Zuma.  She gets very excited about going to the Dog Park now she knows many of the dogs.  Sometimes there are as many as eight dogs.  All breeds and sizes intermingle here, it’s good fun to watch and everybody gets along.  Zuma hangs back and waits for the little ones to go to her. Everyone is amazed that she is so gentle and kind to the other dogs.

dog park pix
Then we walked to A.J.’s (bar and restaurant) and enjoyed a cocktail and shared an appetizer of delicious fried oysters.  The staff there are very sweet and allow Zuma in; she is very well-behaved and just lays down and watches all the activity.  People asked to meet her and she rose to the occasion, greeting everyone who approached her like old friends and getting her picture taken again and again.

pic of fried oysters

While walking to A.J.’s, a woman stopped us when driving by and asked us if we knew anyone who would be interested in taking two Great Danes in need of homes.  She gave us her contact info and within minutes of arriving at A.J.’s, a waitress there expressed sincere interest in taking one.  She has been looking for one for a long time.  I hope it works out.  Anyone out there looking for a Great Dane?

We sat on the deck and watched a spectacular sunset.  On our way home one of our Dog Park friends was driving by and stopped to chat.  We are starting to feel like locals.
We love being on Island time.

pic of D and Z with sunset.

When we got home to the cottage, we enjoyed a delicious meal of Belgian Beef Bourginion that Doug made last night.  It was fantastic!  I seriously have to get out walking more.

January 17th, 2016

Today I took Doug to Savannah Airport and he flew to Portland to catch up on work in Thomaston for the week.

It’s cool here (53 degrees in the daytime today) and colder at night but we are cozy in this little Crabby Pirate cottage.

pic of CP. sign

Emma had a problem at the farm with water heaters yesterday; Doug is heading home so he’ll fix the situation.  She’s doing a great job keeping up with the chores and we really appreciate her support, especially since she is holding down two day jobs.  They have snow in Maine and it’s cold.  I would be crippled up if I were there.  My knee is really doing well with all the warmth and activity.  I basically can walk anywhere here and that’s the best situation for my leg; if I’m active my leg works normally.  Zuma keeps me active as she needs a lot of exercise.  I’m so thankful not to be in the cold weather.

pic of Zuma walking

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