February 18, 2016

Today, Doug arrived from Maine (morning temps 12 degrees there).  He can really notice the temperature change!  It’s so nice to have him back , he is thawing out as the east coast braces for what the media is labeling “The Monster Storm”.  We are south of the predicted path and Maine is north of it so we should be safe.

photo of pier

Along the southern end of the island is a pier, very nice to walk along and, at this time of year, really quiet.  I can be the only one there and it’s a luxury.  We went for a jaunt there after Doug arrived back at The Crabby Pirate, then we sat at the bar at AJ.’s for a cocktail and asked about whether or not the Saturday night waitress had been able to connect with adopting the Great Dane we were asked to place.  No news yet.  Paws crossed.

Several movies have been filmed here, including a Nicholas Spark’s movie, starring (gag) Miley Cyrus (who bought a home here). Sandra Bullock has a home here, too.  Sorry, not into name-dropping, ya’ll.  Just sayin’.

photo of beach

It’s pretty freaking nice here.  I’m glad we’re on a quiet residential street with no hoopla.  The most excitement is when I have to race out to take the garbage and recycle bins to the curb (sometimes in my underwear at 3 a.m.).  I like it like that.  Everybody seems to do their own thing, on “island time”.

People here say thank you and Ma’am and Sir and ya’ll and they really mean it when they wish you “have a nice day”.

Simplicity, simplicity.  I love it.

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