Hula Girl

January 22nd, 2016

Today, the whole east coast appears to be in total turmoil about the impending snowstorm destined to slam states from New York to the Carolinas.  We’ve lived through Whopper snowstorms and I feel bad for the people who will be affected by this massive weather front.  These southern states are not well-prepared and lack the snowplows and manpower it takes to combat such weather.  We Mainers take an annual beating and we’re used to it.  We seldom make the news, let alone the headines.  In general, people think we are solidly blanketed in snow and ice 10 months a year.  I’ve even met people who think Canadians reside in igloos.  No kidding.

For us in Maine, it’s no picnic having to smoosh your way out of the house while Zuma jiggles around with legs crossed when there’s a foot of heavy white stuff blocking the door and, like last year in Maine, we couldn’t see out of the dining room window for a week. Then it really heats up when the cats leap over her in their hurry to get outside and SURPRISE!  it’s freaking cold in a foot of snow, that’s why we have litter boxes, hello, kitties.

But that’s not a big deal really, when you consider the elderly who are home bound and without support.  Uh, I think I am becoming categorized into the “elderly”  slot now.  Fawk.  I just feel so badly for people who can’t get out and stock up in preparation for this horrible weather.  It’s really no worries when you’re ready for it.
It’s just when it hits and you’re unprepared, ugh.

Which is why I am here.  I understand now why people move south in the Wintertime.  “Snowbirds” is the term for people like us; they are usually senior citizens who flock south to escape the snow up north.   I get that.  I’m getting on.  I’m fine with that.   My aching knee can no longer tolerate limping around with dancing horses in hand, prancing up and down a snowy icy path from barn to paddock and back.  Last Winter I came to despise chore time.  As the sun was setting I was nearly in tears thinking about the pain my knee would feel and praying the horses would not be too fresh and frisky and cause me to face-plant on the driveway, laying there waiting for a Spring thaw so somebody would excavate my frozen bones from the path.

It’s been 11 years since the accident and my Orthopedic Surgeon told me I’d need a total knee replacement by year 5.  I’ve toughed it out but the arthritis is taking it’s toll and I can take a lot of pain.  But I have had enough.  I don’t want surgery as it’s not always successful if I can remedy this situation with healthy eating and exercise.  I have worked hard to lose 40+ unnecessary lbs and I walk 5 miles a day, every day, 10 miles a day every other day, weather permitting. This is the best medicine for me.

I know, Iiiii know, I will likely have to undergo the surgery in the next year or two, but for now, if I can avoid being back on crutches or in a wheelchair, hospital bed with people leading me to the bathroom, etc., just tolerate my whining okay.  Thank you.  Thank you very much.

Today we picked up the RV.  Doug has named her “Hula Girl” after the little dancing solar-powered plastic chick dashboard ornament we bought at South Of The Border.

She makes me smile.  My friend Claude has always said, if it makes you smile, you should buy it.  So I did.  And I got Emma one too  And it makes her smile as well.

Apparently, several nice sailboats share the name Hula Girl and, as our new friend Carol puts it, we now own a “Land Yacht”.  It was kinduv sad to part with our Blanca but we were really cramped in her so this is an exciting new family addition.

pic of rv

We’ve rented this cottage until the end of January and are really enjoying the space and peace.  Zuma’s itchiness has subsided and I’m glad she’s getting a break from that.  Her heartworm test was negative but she tested a mild positive for anaplasmosis.  The vet here said that may because she has been vaccinated for Lyme disease and the test is showing a “false positive”.  Zuma looks like she  “has the moth” (as my mother would say) on her hind end.  No fleas or flea dirt sighted, just allergies.

We bought a new comforter, mattress cover and sheets for Hula Girl.  I’m stocking the cupboards with stuff from Blanca.  It’s a huge adjustment.  I can’t just jump in the van now and go and fetch a bag of ice or jug or milk.  Simplifying our life has made it more complicated.  We got a ton of rain here this morning and the grassy parking area in front of Crabby Pirate is saturated so we’re parked next door, thanks to the generosity of the gals at Mermaid Cottage Rentals.  It’s a gravel space, level and well-drained.  I am so sorry for the folks north and south of us who are getting hit hard by the wind, snow and ice.

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