A Day In Our Life ….

July 7, 2016

A Day In Our Life …. (man, we seem to pack a lot in!):


Sigh …. Zu would have been such a wonderful Mother.
I could never be a breeder even though we think Great Danes are the sweetest dogs.  I would never want a puppy she produced to go through what she went through.
Today, We met a gorgeous Great Dane Puppy.
Blessed with a caring, calm owner:
Very talented musician, could have listened to him all day:
Fabulous band, two sixteen year old twins,
eighteen year old brother.
Rocked the house.
Doug found this haven for book lovers:
Battery Park Book Exchange, bring your dog, hang out, read, socialize, love it here.
A Sweet Staffordshire:
 Yummy Sushi:
Fab Coffee Food Truck downtown:
Beautiful dog:
Buskers doing their thing:
Biltmore from the top of the hill here:
Fabulous Great Dane Puppy we met at the dog grooming salon after Zuma had her nails trimmed by the caring staff.
Thank you Soapy Dog!
It’s all good.
We are so thankful.

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