Summer Heat

July 7th, 2016

OMG.  It’s really hot here and even the locals are shocked at the high temps (96 F yesterday and higher temps coming today and tomorrow …. it’s really hot in Maine, too).  We’re staying home with the AC on.

In between the bursts of smothering heat we’re getting mountain-style sudden bursts of un-forecast explosive thunderstorms that practically rock the RV off its blocks.  Thankfully, the pool is just a few hundred feet away, I can crawl to that for a quick cool off.

Zuma doesn’t want to venture out for walks; she is content to dwell in the comfort of the AC and only ventures outside to “do her business”, then she merrily prances to retreat to the coolness and comfort of her comfy bed under the cold air.  With Danes having inherent heart issues, I am a freak about her getting overheated.  So far, so good.  We were going to head back to Maine last week, but that means heat and humidity for July and August and she spends those two months lounging on a king size bed in AC; here, we can walk every day, but this week is unusually HOT and HUMID.

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