A Day of Mourning For France.

July 15, 2016

I woke up this morning all bubbly and happy, walked and fed Zuma, made my cuppa tea, turned on the telly.

Some days I regret checking the news.  Today is one of those days. What is wrong with people who can’t JUST BE NICE, enjoy this wonderful world in which we have the privilege to live with intelligent, kind people. I don’t get it.

Thinking of France and the innocent people who were slaughtered last night.

I want to write a blog every day for the month of July.  We cannot deny or avoid the current events even if it’s awful news.  We’re choked with the media coverage, there’s no getting away from it. Unless you don’t tune in to the internet, tv or radio.  It’s still out there.

I hope you will all pray for the lost and injured lives.

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