The Craziness, The Kindness and Tubing!

July 19, 2016. 

There seems to have been some form of crazy energy in the world the past week.  The thunderstorms here have been frequent and exceptionally violent.

Everyone I speak with says the same. Whoa. What’s with this energy?  Full moon tonight.

Zuma doesn’t usually worry about storms but this mountain thunder has been really furious and often comes on without warning. Several of our friends are going through serious health issues, major surgeries, private struggles.  I wanted to pull the covers over my head for a couple of days.

A few days ago a tree uprooted and unexpectedly fell down on a truck here.  The camper was next to it in his pop up camper.  I am taking this as a good form of energy because the man would have surely been killed if it had landed on him in his camper.

This was literally a couple of hundred feet from us.  I heard the tree come down but I didn’t even want to look outside. Weird energy all week. The murderous rampage in France was so horrific, following the other recent terrorist activities in the world.  Turkey, Baton Rouge, etc.  I’m focusing on the positive.

The thunderstorms must have upset Zu …. remember that song “Who let the dogs out?”; well, these past few days the tune has changed to “Who let the calves in?”.  I’ll spare you the details.  It involved a lot of kneeling and scrubbing.  And paper towels.  And I have a very embarrassed Great Dane.  It’s fine, I don’t scold her, she was simply tuning in to the energies. Now we’re heading into another heat spell and hopefully better energy.

I went to the Dr. a couple of days and I’m told I’m healthy.  Doug and Emma and Zuma are healthy.  Need to gulp up some fresh mountain air this week and revitalize, soak up some good energy and get into researching my original book.

I went tubing Sunday with some new friends.  Iiii know!  Crazy at my age but what the heck.

Yep, floating down The French Broad River with some young people from all over the world staying at the RV Park: from Germany, Bavaria, Bulgaria, North Carolina.

Waaaaay out of my comfort zone but it was a blast and when Doug returns we’re all planning on going again next Sunday.  As we lounged in the inner tubes and floated on the French Broad River surrounded by the WNC mountains, we all realized how fortunate we are to be staying here and spending a few hours together in peace and sunshine.

Thank you Missi for hostessing such a fabulous day.  Thank you guys from New Belgium for making us a yummy BBQ dinner afterwards!

Thank you wonderful neighbors for coming by and checking if I need anything, having a visit, hanging out.  Thank you Oscar for saving my laptop from a sudden rainstorm.  I feel truly blessed.

Good people, good times.

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