Bad scene, good scene

March 12, 2016

After the fantastic parade on Tybee, Doug and I decided to go for a walk to Huck-a-Poos for a pizza and a cocktail. We were delighted to walk in on this very busy night and find a table for two right by the door!  The service is great there and we were quickly greeted and served.

AND THEN …. there was a burly man seated close to our table with a group; he was clearly intoxicated, as in, he was swaying when he stood.  Bad energy.  Without warning, he suddenly began methodically pounding his fist SERIOUSLY on the table.  This is not what it’s like at Huck-A-Poos.  He kept pounding and pounding, attracting more and more attention.  I’d never seen anything like it. Doug couldn’t hear all that was going on because he was close to the outside door and there was the usual fun stuff going on outside. But I heard it.  I kept Doug updated with a play-by-play.  I saw the fists this guy was making, his face was getting more and more red. He was MAD. He was having a 50-something-year-old tantrum! The burly man was upset because his pizza wasn’t being served fast enough. Yikes.

The pizza arrived at his table and he dug in, (all but eating with his feet) and then some of his female friends entered and joined him and they were LOUD. I mean LOUD.  Across from us a nice quiet family had just departed and a quiet group of casual college kids settled politely into the seats.  The drunk guy at the table beside them got louder and louder and more obnoxious as his group ordered a round of shots.  Then they became even louder.  Wait, I thought, this isn’t how it goes here.  This a FUN place.

THEN it got so loud it was really annoying.  The women who came in were obnoxiously vocal and the table of 4 sets of college couples were clearly being infringed upon.  Plus, Doug and I couldn’t hear ourselves speak.

Slowly, one of the young men stood up and serenely approached the noisy table and asked them to quiet down.  I expected a scene but the drunk guy wasn’t up to much on a physical level.  The young guy was very calm and polite.  One of the women snarled at him, “This is MY bar” and the rest of the table of six or eight just watched. Doug couldn’t hear any of it but I could as I was closer.  And I wanted to leave.  The waiter came over and, even though he was a guy about my size (the burly guy being twice our size), he attempted to diffuse the situation with soothing and rational talk. The burly guy and the mouthy woman began acting up and mouthing back at the waiter.  The college guy stepped up to the plate and requested “cut them off” and the waiter complied.  The waiter was excellent.  Nobody should be exposed to this unruly behavior.  The waiter told the burly guy he was going to call the police as there was some sort of dispute over the bill; he called the manager into the action and they were all ousted.

I filled Doug in after it all went down and we packed up our pizza and thanked the college guy and the waiter for their actions.  They were both excellent.  The college guy said:  “I saw you two sitting there having a nice quiet evening and felt so badly for you, plus, that guy and those women were yelling so loud I lost hearing in one ear!”  Doug couldn’t hear or see all that was happening or I’m sure he would have said something.

Then we scooted off down the dark sandy path to the RV Park.  Zuma needed a night walk and, as we were strolling, we saw the drunk burly guy stumbling through the campground with his wife in tow.  OMG.  I was so glad Doug was here.  Obviously, the burly guy was NOT from Tybee.  He’s gone now.  People like him are the reason why I don’t go to bars BUT I love the fun ambience at Huck-A-Poos so much I won’t hold it against them and we’ll go back.  The staff there is well trained and they don’t put up with such bad behavior.  Like all places on Tybee, it’s a community and people look out for each other.  I feel safe here.

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