Everyone Invites A Party Pooper …. and a Party Animal.

March 11, 2016.

It’s been an interesting week!  With Doug in Maine and really sunny days I’ve been a bit slow about blogging.  I work at the picnic table but unless it’s evening as I cant seen the screen very well, plus I’ve discovered “the night life”.  One evening Zuma and I were out for walk and heard music; every Wednesday evening their is a music night and people bring their guitars and sing around an open fire.  I was invited last week but missed it so I stopped by.  My plan was to stay for a song or two (since Zuma had not yet planted her evening deposit), but the three guys were so good I wanted to stay longer.  After the first ten minutes I noticed, to my horror, Zuma was beginning her “cowboy walk” right on the edge of the group who had given us such a warm welcome.  I grabbed a poop bag and everybody said, “no problem” and helped me dispose of the evidence in a nearby garbage can.  Every party has a Party Pooper, Zuma, and that is why we invited YOU!

Zuma loved the music and all the attention from the friendly group and we stayed for 3 1/2 hours (with no further contributions from Zuma, thankfully).  It was fabulous.  One of the guys Kay) is visiting from Germany with his wife Martina; he is a professional musician.

The other two guys (Frankie and Brad) are 23 and very talented as well.  There was a retired NYC police officer and people from all walks of life, it was a hilarious evening with lots of funny stories after the music ended.

The next day I met Jim, his wife Debbie and her sister Patti; all originally from New Jersey with the best accents ever.

They invited Zuma and I go to a local roadhouse a short walk from here; we had a great time.  Apparently Zuma likes parties.  Kids , women, waitresses and grown men were hugging her, she thoroughly enjoyed herself.  The music was a bit loud but Zuma didn’t care.  For the next few days, her new friends would call out when walking around the island or zipping by on their golf carts:  “Hi Zuma!”  She rolls her head back and wiggles and I swear she smiles at me.  Nobody recognizes me if I’m not with her.

The bar/restaurant/roadhouse is called Huck-A-Poos and it’s a friendly place frequented by the locals.  Good karma.  A really fun night out.

When Doug arrived on Friday afternoon, he met Jim, Debbie and Patti and they all hit it off so, we all went to Huck-A-Poos in the evening!  Zuma, The Party Animal came along.  Again, she loved every minute of it with Doug, whom she velcroed herself to after his week-long absence.

Great pizza and nachos and the decor is great, old posters, old memorabilia and funky antique signs and license plates cover the walls, with empty spaces filled in with crinkled dollar bills stapled haphazardly to the wooden walls; the ceiling is covered with old album covers from the 60s through 90s.

We learned that in November, 2006, fire and smoke nearly totally destroyed the building.  The much-loved owner was devastated at the loss which was accidental. The entire Island was devastated to lose such a cool watering hole.  Patti heard that the town got together, donated construction materials and time and helped rebuild and redecorate it, similar to how it was.
Like I said, good karma.

We had a really fun time with the Jim, Patti and Debbie on Friday night. Afterwards, they dropped off some of Debbie’s famous spaghetti and meatballs (with sausage, yum).  Doug had brought lobster from Maine and he whipped up a lobster roll for Jim.  They had to leave the next day but we all agreed we will meet again.

And to top it all off, I was proudly christened a “Jersey Girl”!

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