Let’s Get In The Tub!

August 2016

It’s not often Zuma requires a bath but every now and then she needs “a freshening up” (as we all do).  I wash all her car bedding and her house bedding and if we don’t have an available bath tub, we ship her off to the local Doggie Salon.  We really love ‘The Soapy Dog’ in Asheville and so does Zuma. In fact, she thoroughly enjoys a trip there for her monthly mani-pedicure.   If you’re in this area, you will love this pet grooming place.

The people at The Soapy Dog are really kind and are genuine dog lovers. Zuma starts to wiggle and whine with excitement when we pull into the parking lot every four weeks.  Once inside she is a happy bubbly giant until she has to go into the back room for the mani-pedi.  You can see her say, “Oh S***” in her head.  But then she rapidly recovers, behaves extremely well (the staff all know she is neurotic) and bounds joyfully into the reception area for a cookie.  The she hops into the car and off we go, with a whole lot less clacking on the sidewalk.

The soil here is mostly reddish clay and Zu’s white chest takes on an orange tinge from laying on the lawn outside “Hula Girl”, our Motorhome. She has a comfy bed to lay on but the ground is cool. And dirty.  And she loves being cool.  And dirty.

With all the rain we’ve had here, the clay turned into a sloppy gloppy mess and the dog was resembling a piece of badly constructed pottery.  So one day last week we decided to bathe her ourselves at their Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash.  We didn’t think it would be a wise decision to wrestle her into the tub; we envisioned her splaying out her long spider legs and dumping us all into the drink, so we opted for showering her on the ground.  This worked perfectly well. Abandon shoes, don apron, apply shampoo, scrub like crazy, turn on gentle sprinkling hose.  It was a very positive experience, we paraded out with a clean dog and very clean feet.

Yes, we ALL got cooled down (!) and it felt great on a steaming hot August day.  Very refreshing!

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