Hallowe’en Contest Winner!

October 24. 2016.


Displaying FB_IMG_1476972545379.jpg

OMG!  Can you stand it?!  How original!

Thank you Tabitha and Matt for sending in this hilarious pic of your two gangstah dawgs!  They received a gift bag with K-9 and human treats!

For our Thanksgiving/Fall themed contest, smply decorate your dawg(s) and enter to win a $50.00 gift bag!  To enter, simply e.mail your photo(s) to: soniatheobalds8@gmail.com.  Draw will be held November 15th.  Let us know your dog’s name, age, breed, etc. and permission to post on FB and our blog.

Thank you for following our blog!

Zuma and Sonia.

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