Me and My Friends (Random Dog Thoughts #2)

October 18. 2016
Aaah, Ya got any breath mints?
Do you think she’s gonna be a while?
Can you spare a Cheerio?
I love it when we go out for a drink.
Let me show you my tricks!
Ooh Baby!  You’re one of my kind!
Can I get your number?
Sidewalk chillin’ with a cool Chihuahua x.
(He’s adorable, but I just can’t get that big handsome brute
of a Dane out of my mind).
It’s nice to stretch out with your Boxer buddy.
And hang with this handsome Catahoula,
he’s pretty easy on the eyes.
And this big black German Terrier.
Displaying IMG_2449.JPG
And Gigi, she’s a mini me!
And a Party Girl.
But …. then …. there he is again.
Ever feel like someone is watching you?
Thanks for checkin’ in!
~ Zuma.

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