Looking On The Bright Side

October 11, 2016

We decided to  go for a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday morning. With all the awfulness in the world (like the destruction caused by Hurricane Mathew, the political debates, etc., plus several dear friends going through difficult life challenges), it just felt like the right thing to do.

As our car climbed higher and higher, the altitude caused our ears to pop.  We floated in silence along the winding road under a brilliant blue sky, each in our own thoughts, in our own personal warm bubble of quietude.  It felt so healthy to simply breathe in and out and decompress, to wish away all the black pieces of the puzzle and see the bright side.

The mountains are just beginning to show their coats of many colors.  When I’m in the mountains, the sheer raw magnificance of the landscape overwhelms me, it takes over everything.  And it even makes the crazy debate stuff melt away in my mind.
Doug took this panoramic shot of the magnificent vista.

Displaying IMG_5713.JPG

Some of the best views in the area are at the top of Mount Pisgah.There were scores of people sitting in Adirondack chairs and on the lawns at the Pisgah Inn (altitude 5,721′), known as The Peak of The Parkway.  People were sipping sweet tea and smiling in the sun, soaking in the views, so we stopped to join them.  Her tail wagging furiously, we could see Zu was thinking, “Oh Boy! What a great party!”.  She was delighted to be welcomed by all and happily hung out with everybody.  Zuma loves a good party.

We eventually left the Parkway and traveled along the squiggly road to the town of Brevard where we stopped for lunch and enjoyed the fun Hallowe’en spirit displayed by the downtown merchants.

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We’ve had a busy few days and it was good to
feel the peace and tranquility
and to know that, looking around us,
the mountains are still standing strong and that,
while we all have our hills to climb,
we just have to stray strong and
things are going to work out.
For everyone.

#PisgahInn, #PeakofThe Parkway, GreatDanedogs, #friends, #BlueRidgeParkway, #Brevard, #NorthCarolina

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