October 15, 2016

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Last Sunday morning (October 9) we went over to the Asheville Outlets Mall to have a coffee and walk with Zuma.  It’s clean and bright and new and we can walk in the sun or shade.  Usually it’s not very busy on Sunday mornings, but that morning there were dogs everywhere.  We were told “Critter” magazine, partnering with Asheville Outlets, was holding an event for pets and their families. In their recent publication, I found the ad for the PET FEST which states: “A portion of proceeds from the event will benefit community spay/neuter and rescue transport programs.”. Giddy up!  We’re in!

There were several rescue booths, lots of doggie goodies to purchase, an action-packed Ultimate Air Dogs Competition featuring some of the country’s best high flyin’ canines as well as the Critter Magazine Cover Dog Contest!  We met a Veterinarian with a mobile unit and made an appointment (see next blog).

These lovely ladies were representing the Edith Allen Wildlife Sanctuary.  I chatted with them for a while, they were very knowledgeable and informative.  At the Sanctuary they rescue and rehabilitate small wildlife.

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One of the rescue groups brought along a miniature horse.  He was quite happy to strut his stuff around the Outlet grounds in all his fuzzy cuteness receiving scratches and admiration for adorableness.
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This guy was so sweet and friendly, despite being starved and abused and speckled with scars from old, unattended wounds.  He will soon be adoption-ready.  Can’t blame him for what people did to him in the past.  He has forgiven.
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This cute puppy was also available for adoption.
It’s a fuzzy photo ‘cuz he was
so happy to be at the party he couldn’t sit still!
(Actually, I was so jacked up on coffee
I couldn’t hold the camera steady).

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The Boxer Rescue Group hosted a kissing booth
with an adorable black and white Boxer puppy.

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It all started innocently enough.  We’d all just twirled three times and plunked down outside the coffee shop when some people stopped to chat with Zuma and asked us “Are you here for the competition?”. We didn’t know anything about a competition.  “You should enter the competition!”.  So we looked into it and Doug said he’d take Zuma in and we paid and signed up.

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There were 18 dogs entered in all.

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They went onto the stage and were judged individually.  Some of the dogs performed brilliant tricks.  Zuma walked around the runway, checked out the scene and then realized she could get petted by the friendly stage side crowd.  Then the judges made the announcement and Zuma won!

         Zuma staring at the paparazzi (me)
while the crowds reached out to pet her!

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Then she humbly received a huge gift bag full of  goodies, which included all sorts of fantastic doggie items and gift cards!

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The best gift of all is that she was photographed and will be the Cover Girl for the November issue of Critter Magazine!
The event was extremely well-organized,  the sun shone and the Mall was filled with happy dogs and people.  And even a mini equine!  What a fun day!
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