Mobile Veterinary Service!

October 17, 2016

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Last weekend at PET FEST we had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Matthew Pisani who has recently opened CROSSROADSMOBILE veterinary clinic in Asheville.  We need to establish a relationship with a local veterinarian, so we made an appointment for him to come to the Park last Thursday.

Mobile Veterinary units are an excellent solution for many:  having a problem transporting your pet to the vet?  Problem solved. Crossmobile will come to you!  No more spending your time stuffing whining, uncooperative cats into cages, no more stressed out pets ‘cuz this friendly Doctor will make your pet feel relaxed at his/her own home.   And think how impressed your husband will be when you tell him you had the dog castrated right here in the driveway!

The Crossroadsmobile Unit is brand new and fully equipped with x-ray, a pristine surgery room, lab equipment and everything else a regular veterinary hospital carries.  It’s an immaculate facility.

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Zuma required a Health Exam for Therapy Team Evaluation.  She was welcomed and immediately hopped right into the mobile hospital!  We had Zu’s vaccinations updated and also they ran some bloodwork (the results were done “in house” and I had them when I left), Dr. Matthew took a fecal sample and microchipped her. Everything looks great.  Zuma was very happy about the whole thing and, in her usual stoic way, didn’t make a peep.  In fact she was delighted she was allowed to sniff the whole place out.

Dr. Matthew’s wife is a Veterinary Technician, they work together.
Good Karma.

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Why yes, there’s my thumb in the corner of the photo.

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The whole experience was very relaxing and positive.  After all, it’s all about bedside (kennelside?) manner, right?!

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