A Pig in a Park

February 27, 2017.

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Yeh, so, Great Danes were originally bred in Germany to hunt boar (and deer).  However, it appears that Zuma is lacking a few genes  in that department.  We met this porcine pal at the Park yesterday morning and Zuma only wanted to meet Mr. Pig and hang out with him and share a lovely sunny Sunday morning together and  vice versa. You’ve heard of a pig in a poke? well, this was a pig in a park!  Please pardon me for being a hopeless romantic, but doesn’t this just show we can ALL get along in this world, even during these troubled times?

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They met, sniffed noses and were immediate buddies.  Sheesh, if you think traveling with a Great Dane is not a crowd magnet, try walking a pig in a park.  The combination quickly attracted a crowd and many selfies were taken.  These two didn’t care about the pig paparazzi, they were totally into each other.  Mr. Pig is one cool and well-socialized hog, a fine ambassador for all porcines. After meeting him, a woman sadly exclaimed, “I don’t think I’ll ever eat bacon again”.  This made me smile.  It also made me toss out the bacon in the fridge.

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Mr. Pig is “just a pig” his owners told me; he’s not a pampered pot-bellied pet, he’s a real PIG.  Housetrained and leash-trained, he is adored by his owners and regularly exercised; he gobbles up all the attention offered to him.  No ego, just a cool animal living a good life, doing his pig thing.  In a High Life kinda style. He really enjoyed his morning romp yesterday and we hope we’ll meet him and his fun family again.

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