More Random Dog Thoughts ….

March 9, 2017.
I didn’t sign anything stating I’d share the hotel bed
with either of you so just bugger off
and shut the lights out when you leave.
And please leave the tv on Animal Planet.
OMG. Where have you been all my life?
Displaying IMG_0233.JPG
Regrets?  I’ve had a few ….
Did you ask the cats about the chewed couch cushions
‘cuz I think they had something to do with it.
Displaying IMG_2520.JPG
Chillin’ with my lady person.
Displaying IMG_0099.JPG
Take me to the river …. lead me to the water ….
When I grow up I just wanna be little.
My head is bigger than this puppy.
Kids and little puppies Rock.
Putting on this cooling vest is making me
AND my man person/personal assistant/staff sweat.
I’m being ultra uncooperative so we’ll both be steamily hot as hell once he wrestles me into this stupid thing.
My lady person is making wierd noises as she snaps this shot
and mentioning needing a bathroom.
This vest is ultra cool on a hot day, though.
So I’ll just shaddup about twirling myself into it and twirling my personal assistants into purchasing new pants
and keep on keepin’ cool.
This snazzy new collar is sure to make me stand out in a crowd, don’tchathink?
I have a whole wardrobe, you know.
Ths is my BFF Alis.
Playmate.  Confidante.  Heart of Gold.
She is open and honest, she can keep a secret.  She likes to take me exploring and she always has my back.
I luvvvv Alis (Aurora Borealis, officially).
#randomdogthoughts, #travelswithagreatdanedog, #greatdanebffs

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