Gettin’ Older ….

December 31, 2016.

I see her getting older, she’s plunks up and down the stairs in the cold weather and the tiny gray hairs are squirreling out of her head like wiry white antennae.  She doesn’t always come when called.  Is she losing her hearing or just being stubborn?  Perhaps she can’t hear me.  And she’s always searching for her glasses and misplacing things.

We have a very special relationship, she and I; we finish each other’s sentences, one look can say a whole lot to the other.  We’re basically glued at the hip; we live in this small space and then we travel into huge places, together, with The Man Person.

We cuddle at night, sharing our king sized bed, snuggling up to each other’s back, spooning.  It’s a precious time for both/all of us.

Today is her birthday so we’re gonna have a celebration.
Don’t worry, I’ll take care of the old girl.  We’re buddies.

Dawg Bless You and Happy New Year to You All!!!!

~ Zuma and My People.  XOXO

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    This hat has got to go!

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