Goin’ To The Chapel ….

January 19, 2017.

I just can’t stop admiring the churches, chapels and cathedrals in this city.  They are true works of art and inspiration.
Sorry the pix aren’t great quality, it’s a challenge to shoot from the hip while holding on to an overloaded purse, a camera, a bag of groceries, and a 145 lb dog who is always distracted once I crank out the camera.  I call it Dane A.D.D.
And, to top it all off, in her Scooby-Doo-Goofiness, she always attracts a crowd, God Bless Her.  It just takes 3 times as long and more yoga poses and scooping up of loose personal items than you can imagine to get a photo.
And besides, I can’t see worth a shit so these are probably all blurry, but it was an effort.  For ya’ll Faithful Readers.
Displaying IMG_2795.JPG
This is The Bascillica of St. Francis of Assisi, built in 1869.
Displaying IMG_2796.JPG
I love to stop, sit quietly in a pew, get all spiritual, soak it all in.
Loretto Chapel has a beautiful story.
Displaying IMG_2748.JPG
Located at the end of The Old Santa Fe Trail, this is my fave church in the city.  Because it is so humble and special.
Displaying IMG_2797.JPG
Well worth two minutes to read this:
 Its miraculous staircase was built by a man passing through the city centuries ago; he constructed this masterpiece by himself, over a period of a few months, then poof, he left town.  Nobody knew his name.  He asked for little and he left a lot.
This chapel is beautiful.  I’ve been visiting several churches here, (I’m guess I’m on a Church Bender of sorts).
Churches always make me cry.
At the entrance:
The positive energy and artistry is everywhere.
I lit four candles at the altar, two in memory of my parents and two in memory of Doug’s parents.  Next time I visit, it will be with Doug and Emma and we will light more.  This is a special place.
January 16, 2017.
Yesterday it snowed and Her Highness was not at all happy about it.  We went for a walk drag in the wet slop in the morning, I caught up on writing and organizing, then Zu and I went for another walk but she was clearly not happy about slushy paws and wanted to go back to her morning tv routine.  Once she was settled I started off for another church.  Because, hey, that’s the trip I’m on.
Then I got sidetracked and oogling (Sonia A.D.D.) down winding side streets and suddenly realized it was getting dark and shit, uh oh, I’d totally lost my way.  Being in no real rush, I was happy to explore less-touristy places.
As dusk was closing in, I met a kind woman coming out of a cobbler’s shop and asked her how to get back to The Plaza.  Oooh, she said, you have a long walk.  I cringed.  I’d stopped for heavy bags of groceries, plus I had my purse and camera weighing me down.  My arms were gradually feeling longer and longer from the baggage I was trudging along with.  Okay, I said and off I pranced. Then she called to me and offered me a ride.  I was damp from the drizzle and I reallyappreciated the offer.  I don’t like to abandon Zu for more than a couple of hours.  She gives me The Hairy Eyeball when I return.  Like she has all this stuff she has to do.  She only ever wants to stretch out on the bed if inside.  Or outside.  Her needs are simple.
So, we drove into the downtown and chatted.  Belinda has a house just outside of town, an artist’s dream retreat.  She rents her place out to people wanting to paint and enjoy the solitude.  She invited us to visit her.
I am feeling blessed this evening.  I took my time this soft, sunny day, walking serenely, accepting that I am spiritual but not into organized religion.  That’s okay.  It was lovely to spend silent moments in special places.  I muttered my prayers within the sacred walls of the chapels and cathedrals in this historic desert city.  You don’t have to be religious to feel spiritual and soak up good energy and a little rain drizzle, blessing of holy water perhaps (?) and best of all, appreciate and share it with others, with total strangers.

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