Hold On Tight.

January 21, 2017.


I know, I know, I’m way behind with blogging and I thank you for following the blog and reminding me I need to get with the program, haha.  So I’m going on a blog-a-thon for the next few days.

With all the turmoil in the world, this country and its people are adjusting to the recent political changes.  Doug, Emma and I are immigrants in this wonderful country and we’re watching the struggles, anxieties and developments of the change-over of power. We’re Green Card Holders, which means that even though we employ ten or more people, pay their health benefits and don’t participate in illegal activities, we’re not allowed the privilege to vote because we aren’t U.S. citizens (we’re Canadian/British citizens).  And so, we can only observe and hope for the best.

In these times of political unrest, I was unsure about attending The Women’s March in the city center today, but I thought I’d check it out.  As an observer.

Recently, we arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico and fell in love with the people, arts, culture, climate and the incredible history of this fabulous state capital.  Dubbed ‘The City Different’, Santa Fe is the oldest capital city in the States.  Conde Naste Traveler reports it is voted the Second Best City To Retire in the country.

The Women’s March in Santa Fe today was both peaceful and inspirational.  Zu and I arrived at the beginning and were able to watch the entire procession, shoulder to shoulder with good, gentle people.  It was not a protest.  It was an expression of spirit and unity.

The energy was electric and Zuma really enjoyed the people and people taking selfies with her. Zuma loves a party, she exudes positive wiggly energy and today she had the opportunity
to soak some up big time.
The Women’s March was a happy, inspiring event:
There was even a Zuma lookalike.
They really checked each other out.
What would Scooby Do?

We met people from all over the world, from Greenland, Kenya, England, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Holland and from all over the States.  Peaceful, kind people.

We were all gob-smacked at the turnout and the signs people were carrying.  My personal fave sign:  “Free Melania”.  I just wish I’d got a pic of it. There were approximately 7,000 participants from the city, from the local areas, from all over the world. We heard gentle singing, calm chanting, energetic ululating.  Strollers, wheelchairs, costumes to make you smile, children, dogs and even one extremely calm horse.
I was pretty impressed with Zuma’s calm curiosity as she watched, mesmerized while we stood on a quiet, familiar corner of The Plaza in the center of this historic city.  This was history in the making.

People marching called to us and invited us to join in, everyone was so welcoming, but I felt it may been too overstimulating for Zu.  We were both happy to take in all the good vibes.  From the sidelines.  It’s events like these, the unexpected, unplanned things that just happen that add a whole new dimension to our journey.  It was fantastic.  We all love good energy.

Some of the things people in the crowd here (randomly) commented to me this morning (some I can’t print here, haha):

“Let’s make America Intelligent Again”.
“I’m so embarrassed to be an American”.
“America is the laughing stock of the world”.
“Depends on who you talk to”.
“God help America”.
“We have to give him a chance.”
“I give him 6 months and I give Melania 4 months”.
“The majority of Americans are intelligent enough to know this is a very bad situation”.
“Pray for Peace”.
“There are more than 7,000 people here today”.
“We have to stand together”.

My personal fave sign:
“Free Melania”.  I just wish I’d got a pic of it.

The news is saying that Trump has pulled the country apart.
Today, the people marched.  The people spoke.  The people pulled it all together despite the ridiculousness of this situation.  And, as you can see, the people aren’t afraid to make a statement.

People went to a lot of effort to express themselves.

Personally, I was impressed by the number of men who walked in The Women’s March.  Real Men.  They had fun with it.

The local culture expressed themselves:

At times, I was so moved by emotion I felt hot tears trickle down my face, then realized that people around me were pulling the tissues out of their pockets too.  In this emotionally turbulent time for a great country, the energy today was contagious and there was no anger.  No bad words.  Only hope and good karma and lots of smiles.  We’re all feelin’ the same thing.

After we finished our walk and returned to the hotel, Zuma and I both “shared the love” on FB; we have some friends who marched today in Washington (C & A). The local Police here told me there were so many people wanting to march in Washington that not everybody got in (!) but I heard that C & A made it!

America has spoken.  Hold on Tight.
We may have a bumpy political road ahead for a while but, as a two-time immigrant and a female, I for one feel the power of unity will rule and bring us all closer together.

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