The Art of Santa Fe

January 20, 2017.


Santa Fe is an artist’s mecca.  It’s like a dream for anyone with a drop of artistic blood in them.  At every turn, galleries display pottery, jewelry, blown glass, woven Native blankets, etc.
It’s so inspirational it’s kinduv hard to not drool.
A stroll around town provides a sumptuous feast for the eyes.

Displaying IMG_2778.JPG

The altitude here is 7,198′ above sea level.
I’m thankful I had no trouble adjusting.
I really didn’t notice it.
Ashville, NC is 2,133′ and Hope, Maine is 469′.
So I’m just writing off my general state of dizziness
to my general state of dizziness.

Bear with me, ya’ll.

Zuma was extra sluggish for a few days but she’s fine now.
Great Danes are pretty chilled out anyway, but I’ve found that walking with her takes a little longer nowadays.

THIS is my favorite piece.  Ever.  Anywhere.  Ever.
That’s a hint, Doug.
Let’s flog everything we own and buy this beautiful sculpture:
            Santa Fe has a superb selection of bronze statues.
Here are a few, some public, some at art galleries, all beautiful:
Displaying IMG_2749.JPG
        Displaying IMG_2779.JPG
The architecture here is simple, yet absolutely brilliant:
Displaying IMG_2750.JPG
Sometimes, less is more.
Sometimes, the best art of all is the kind you don’t need to own, you can only experience for a moment in time.
The locals tell me this color blue symbolizes “protection”.
Displaying IMG_2780.JPG
We love this stretch of the road, it’s our favorite place to walk ….  early in the morning, when Zuma is fresh and frisky
and so is the air of New Mexico.
Displaying IMG_2785.JPG

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