Lancaster Market.

April 28, 2017.

I’m a month behind in blogging, sorry!  There has been so much going on …. but I want to share this with you ….

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From reading tourist books, I learned that the Lancaster Farmer’s Market has been in operation since 1790 and is the oldest-running Farmer’s Market in the country!  Cool.  Okay, Doug, Barbie Tour Director here.  We gotta go.

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The market is currently held three days a week in the beautiful red brick Central Market in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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For years the Amish and other local farmers and producers have been selling their wares and if you’re ever anywhere close, please go.  It’s a smallish market but the quality is fabulous and the Amish are genuine and friendly and well, ya gotta experience it.
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Here, you can buy everything from fruit to flowers, incredible luscious vegetables, whole, freshly skinned rabbits (you know how I feel about rabbits but …), whole fresh milk, homemade cheese and butter, breads and goat cheese fudge and pies and stuff and everything in between.  Parking is a piece of cake.

I know, I have had a pie problem in the past but I’m conquering it.
No need for intervention, ya’ll. I even declined a test taste of this smooth creamy fudge.  Such self control.  Such willpower.

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Because we were traveling, we purchased non-perishable items like lovingly-made preserves, bread, cheese and, uh, a decadent apple pie.  It was a small one.  Don’t judge me.

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The Amish vendors make astonishingly beautiful quilts, placemats, etc., all sewn with serene patience and care.

When I got home I dusted off a fancy yard sale saucer and made an early a.m. snack with black raspberry preserves and I would have been totally embarrassed mortified if anyone had a secret camera on me because the sound of breakfast was well …. think food porn. I’ve never seen porn but this black raspberry jam does it for me.

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Speaking of which, the tour book suggested a town called Intercourse so OF COURSE I had to drag Doug there! The travel book said “buy postcards there and mail them from nearby Paradise” so seriously, who wouldn’t just do that?!  So I totally did it. Like, I mean, I bought a few postcards and mailed them and yeh ….

I bought some pot holders from a lovely Amish lady, they’re truly works of art.  Both my Mum and Doug’s Mum were Master Seamstresses (like, Master Gardeners with a sewing machine); they would be thoroughly impressed by the love and care and attention to detail sewn into  these quilted pieces.  I will treasure them forever. These are reminders from the special people who take the time to make the world a more beautiful place.

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You know I’ll never use these pot holders, right?  No lasagna splatters are heading their way, ever.  Such special works of art, formed serenely with gentle fingers guided under soft evening light …. memories of days gone by ….

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