A conversation with another generation

April 29, 2017.

We struck up a conversation with a lovely Amish woman at the Market who told us how the Amish are trying to progress and make changes in their society.  The Bishop rules things, apparently.  They are able to take a cruise on a ship because, she explained that he said, “boats were here before ‘planes”.  She questioned that reasoning as there is alcohol and gambling available on ships (all against the Amish lifestyle’s beliefs).  Near retirement age, she had been on a long (ship) excursion with her family recently and was enthusiastic to hear of our travels.  Here we were, two generations apart, sharing our travel stories openly with great enthusiasm and wonder.
It was a beautiful yard long conversation.   Actually, it was quite a few yards long and one we’ll never forget.

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What a lovely lady.  I wonder what she was thinking afterwards.
(She lives with a Great Dane in a 25′ Motorhome?)  She was not in the least bit judgemental.  A lovely, honest lady.  We’re all doin’ our own thing ….
I find it fascinating that in this day and age there are sections of society who maintain their religion so religiously.  No texting, no Facebook, no tv, no poison.  All the children are outfitted in homemade, neatly pressed clothes, their properties are immaculate and the people, while private for the most part, are genuine, chatty and friendly.

Ah, The Simple Life.

Doug says I should have been born Amish.
I agree I should have been born 100 years ago.
I like an uncomplicated life.
His and Hers laundry, hanging on a front porch:
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Sorry, no pie pix.  I ate it with my feet on the way home.
I gotta get with the 12-Step Pie Program.

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