Meanwhile, Back in Maine ….

February 21, 2017.
Missi helped Zuma and I move back to the RV Park a few days ago.  She (Zuma!) was very excited to get her wiggle on and reconnect with our friends here, then we had a long walk and she crashed on her puffy air bed in the sunshine.  It’s becoming Spring here.  The air smells like May.  Daffodils and trees are already blooming and it’s 60 – 70 F in the daytime.
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Meanwhile, back in Maine:
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Doug sent me these pix:
a view of our driveway from up beside the house.
The Northeast was slammed by three snowstorms in a row last week, leaving almost 3′ of fluffy snow in total!
Here’s the barn as the storm was starting:
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Our dooryard:
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I had thought fleetingly about returning to Maine early, then I saw the  upcoming weather forecast for New England.  I’m pretty sure that, in choosing to stay, I made the right decision for both of us.
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